22 days of BATS 2014. Day Five: The Moon

Ahh The Moon. The second largest hole in the sky. Our light in the darkness. Scapegoat for madness and illusion, but also inspiration, allusion and a gateway for imagination. In 1969 it was finally realized as a destination for man to set foot upon after centuries if not millennium of wonder and dreaming. When I focus on The Moon card, I think about the possible futures that it inspires. The mad, crazy dreams; the sensible “what if” questions and the practical quandaries (“just how much food, fuel and life support does it take to get three men to the moon and back safely?”). As we as a species grew with knowledge such questions go from vague to specific and tangible, and then Neil Armstrong was able to say “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” as he set foot upon a world no human had touched before.

So when The Moon comes into play ask what kind of pie-in-the-sky goal does it represent? What dream(s) can be actualized if you throw everything into it? How can you expand your understanding and narrow general questions into specific mathematical formula that make the impossible, possible?

Shoot for the Moon!

Tomorrow’s card is the High Priestess