Dreams of a bibliophile

So I have this reoccurring dream. More of a theme, really, beceause the details keep changing but some elements are the same.

The where is always different, but in these dreams I find shelves or boxes of books. Sometimes they are old, sometimes they are new, sometimes they’re on subjects I’ve never considered before or things I never knew that were coming out.

This last dream the shelves were tall, metal wire racks, where the titles partially overlap in staggered rows. I saw titles for game settings and concept-art books. I felt excited over the potential for what I might find between their covers. I searched each row, finding and making stacks of titles I wanted to read later. There were other people about, but I ignored them; they weren’t important. The dream ends before I can really read anything, or take any books away.

Okay you dream-analysts out there, what does that mean?