22days to Readers Studio: Day 3, The Magician

Day 3’s card is The Magician. One of my birth cards! The maker, the artisan, the Demiurge! In my mind the Magician is the Fool who has discovered his power.

The Magician is here to remind me that this is the time to exert my power to define my reality and what its elements mean to me, just as the Magician defines what the minor arcana are. In this case, as I prep for my trip to New York and Readers Studio 2012, I can know ahead of time what is important to me, what my priorities and my limitations are. Today I look at how I will define success in terms of the minor arcana: relationships, learning, influence and worldliness.

‘Cause you have to have goals and knowing when you reach them is just as important as having them. The Magician carries the warning of obsession, self-delusion and setting one’s self up for disappointment. Use his power wisely and heed the opportunities he provides. There’s a reason he’s number one in the Major Arcana.

The Lovers was a time to pool resources and make certain we’re a team and on track. The Magician is my time to shine and exceed and excel in those goals that are mine to achieve. What’s good enough for me? When will I know when I have found fulfillment? The Magician is the key to defining those answers in my own terms.

Time to shout: “I have the power!” (Insert maniacal laughter here) and kick in the He-Man intro music.

Tomorrow’s card: DEATH! (dun, dun, DUN!)