A failure to ritualize and normalize

So I haven’t posted here in a long, long time. It’s not that I’ve given up on Tarot or writing about it. I could make the excuse: “Life got in the way,” but that’s only half right.

I chose not to make blogging about Tarot a priority for a long time; things far more secular and personal took precedence. The real failure here was not to make consulting the Tarot a daily (or even weekly) occurrence. I didn’t make it a ritual. Didn’t enforce it. Didn’t normalize it into my daily routines. Much like exercise, taking out the trash, and shredding my junk mail, I kept putting off spending the 5 minutes a day that it would have taken to do something about it.

My knowledge of Tarot hasn’t evaporated. It’s still present in my mid-brain; still manifests in recognizing patterns of the world as manifestations Major and Minor Arcana.

The trick is to turn ritual activity into habit. Normalizing into daily routine. Start small and pick a card a day. Spend 5 minutes pondering it. Let the intuitive juices flow. Write down what transpires, even if it isn’t logically structured, complete or it’s nonsensical. Ideas and thoughts and patterns will congeal out of the motes, ready to be revisited and explored and analyzed for content, meaning and purpose.

Write. Even if it’s crap. Make writing normal, routine and expected and it’ll improve on its own.