PanTheCon 2012: or “Where the heck did my weekend go?”

SO! Home again after Pantheacon 2012 and boy am I tired. I know that sounds like a pun, and it kinda is, but it’s also true.

This year I worked at the Tarot Media Company vendor table, showing such awesome products like Kooch Daniels’ new Tarot-themed novel, Theater of Karma, Rachel Pollack’s Soul Forest,  The Ultimate Oracle by Sue Wilhite & Michael Bisbiglia and not the least The Rock and Roll Oracle, Classic Rock Edition. Most of my weekend was taken up by attending TMC’s table and talking to customers and friends who came by.

I got to attend the latter half of TMC’s meet-the-authors party and met Suzanne Strisower who read for me with her Runes of the Four Realms. I need to get a set now! I also got to talk with Jane Rades about her book, Two Years in the Tarot, which really ought be made into a tarot deck soon. Kooch Daniels and I also got to talk about her new novel and the inspiration behind it. I have a copy now, and look forward to reading it. Sadly, there wasn’t enough time to socialize much with Rachel Pollack, James Wanless who were also at the event.

Sunday evening was Innowen’s Imbibe and Divine class, which was a fun introduction both to the art of tasting wines as well as exploring the possibilities of ritual wine and tarot reading. I got to be the sommelier for her class, pouring the wine samples and otherwise helping out. I’m not much of a wine drinker myself (too acidic for my reflux), but it was a fun class.

And last but not least, closing Monday I attended James Wanless’ discussion class about his Sustain Yourself oracle. It was a fun discussion about the origins of the Sustain Yourself cards, as well as a fun group reading using them. My own first experiment with them was… challenging to interpret, so I need to spend more time with this new oracle.

On the way home, RoseRed and I celebrated a successful convention with steak and the company of dear friends. Then it was home and blessed unconsciousness.