Happy World Tarot Day!

In light of this annual celebration around the world, try the following exercise:

1) Take The World cards from your favorite Tarot deck,

2) Shuffle the rest of the deck and draw another card. Consider how the new card and The World work together to create a goal for the year.

Post your results here in the comments if you care to share!

One thought on “Happy World Tarot Day!”

  1. I’ll go first,

    I used my Mage: The Awakening tarot, and drew the Two of Wands to go with my World card.

    The Two of Wands in the M:TA tarot shows a robed man sitting with a staff-sized wand on either side of him. He reminds me a bit of the High Priestess in the RWS deck in this fashion. His hands hover over a globe of the world and he has a far-away look on his face.

    This card, coupled with the fact that he’s casting his awareness and influence over the world, seems highly significant in it’s relation to The World. It seems to say: Don’t just see the big picture (The World), step once more back and see how to influence it!


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