Readers Studio 2012

Readers Studio 2012!

22 days of blogging, flying, driving and work has led to this year’s event. Year of the Heirophant and three renowned gentlemen of the Tarot world; James Wells, James Wanless and Shawn Nacol were all presenting!

James Wells led a deeply emotional but useful class on using the Tarot and dealing with loss and emotional trauma. It hit a lot of people hard, being forced to face old pains and reopen old wounds will do that, but beyond trauma lies resolution and peace. Some very useful techniques which I hope will be useful again when helping people deal with their emotional loss and pain. “Pain shared is pain lessened.

James Wanless was his usual awesome self, but I’ve also taken classes with him personally. Always a pleasure to see and talk to him again.

At the other end of the spectrum was Shawn Nacol’s presentation, which I am still trying to digest mentally: a exploration of the more elemental nature of the Tarot. An amazing bundle of brilliance and energy, that man. When I’ve chewed on the concepts a bit more and feel like I can attempt to explain it, I will try to post about the Hot v. Cold, Wet vs. Dry dynamic he introduced to us.

One of the bigger, personal lessons from this weekend is recognizing the needs of my own introvert nature. Social situations and crowds drain me, and there were times I desperately needed to run away and recharge. Thankfully Innowen was more than capable enough to take up my slack and help RoseRed run the Tarot Media Company table. I am eternally grateful to Innowen for being such awesome help and to Rose for letting me run away when I absolutely needed it. I chalk up my greater need for quiet away time this year to the fact there was no downtime between the visiting of family and then the convention. Next time? There will be a day off between events. My need for solitude cut me out of a lot of after-hours socialization and classes at this year’s Readers Studio, which is a pity because there were plenty of amazing people I wish I could have interacted with more.

Sunday was the closing ceremonies and we had some wild and woolly adventures involving shipping which I won’t go into details at this time. Needless to say, driving in New York is an adventure and I can proudly say I have survived it multiple times. Now, how much XP do I get for that?

In retrospect, this 22day countdown blogging challenge was indeed a challenge. Having friends and fellow bloggers, RoseRed and Innowen join in was a plus since we could inspire and support each other when needing it. We’ll have to take on such challenges again in the future. Later this year I plan to take part in the National Novel Writing Month challenge, and daily writing is really the best way to get in shape for that marathon!

All in all, a good event. Fitting for the High Priestess.

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