22 days of BATS 2014. Day Six: The High Priestess

Cassandra, Oracle, Savant, Visionary, Sibyl; The High Priestess is the bringer-of-wisdom to those who ask the right questions and can understand her potentially cryptic answers. But what if the High Priestess isn’t just a fount of wisdom sitting alone atop an aerie retreat? What if the High Priestess is a force that lives amongst us? Visiting one person or the other, thru ‘fate’ and ‘chance’ giving us the glimpses of truths we may not even know we are seeking? When you see someone trip and fall, or they realize loudly that they’ve lost their phone or wallet or purse and we think: “Oh, wow, that could have been me.” Maybe that’s the spirit of the High Priestess, working via mysterious and indirect ways, trying to teach us something. So when the High Priestess comes into a  reading, ask: what am I not being told but shown by the actions and roles and events that affect others? What is the universe trying to tell me that I may not be looking for?

Sometimes your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others…

Tomorrow’s card is Justice.