Review: Baphomet, tarot of the underworld

Publisher: KK Records / AGMüller

Writer: Akron

Artist: H.R. Giger

The Box

Nothing particularly interesting here, but they managed to cram into the box 22 huge cards, a music CD, a guidebook, and a wall poster.9

The Book and Poster

Not so little white book, the majority of which speaks to the influences and philosophies that inspired the making of this majors-only deck. There are several sample spreads provided.

The poster included in the set reproduces the cover art (the Devil card), and would look totally appropriate in the man-cave of a heavy metal band, or on the wall of a nihilistic teen’s bedroom.

The Cards

Twenty two LARGE cards (even bigger than a Marchetti deck, if you can imagine that) at 4” x nearly 7” tall. The artwork is all from the works of H.R.Giger. You may be aware of his inspiration for the terrifying Xenomorphs from the Alien’s series of films, but his personal expressions encompass human sexuality, the mechanics of life and death, even politics. Here his artwork expertly expresses his disturbing visions of these subjects.

This is one of those decks where no new artwork was created; the imagery for the cards were taken from the breadth H.R. Giger’s work. Here it works better than many other examples (I’m thinking of the couple of Royo decks I’ve seen), because H.R. Giger’s art was more about expression and eliciting reaction than those other decks.

The Music

I’ll be honest, I haven’t opened the plastic wrap on the CD yet. I’m not brave enough. Yet. The track list is: Introitus, Kyrie, GLoria, Dominus, Sanctus, Agnus Dei and Hosanna.

Reading with this deck

Majors only decks have specific and limited uses and the Baphomet is very specialized in what it has to say. Majors decks are for when you need signs and symbols that aren’t subtle; their messages are big and loud and cannot be ignored. Use with care. But a single card in a mono-card reading, or acting as a signifier in a spread with another deck of choice, can provide a powerful focus. If you’re ready for it. 

The Baphomet is a deck to use when you need to sit with your fears; explore what makes you uncomfortable; what squicks you. This is a deck for when you’re ready to examine your dark side and do your shadow work. Each card asks you: why does this bother you and what does that say about you?


If you’re an H.R.Giger fan, you’ll get good use out of this. I can’t speak to the value of the music on the CD (yet), and my walls already have all their available square space taken up by artwork, but it’s a little treasure that I am glad to have.

I score the Baphomet, tarot of the underworld, 4 out of 5.