22days to Readers Studio, day 18: The Heirophant

Today’s card is The Heirophant.

Sunday. Family dinner time. Extended family dinner time. The house is roaring with a dozen different conversations. Screaming waves of small children pass by periodically, chasing or being chases by imaginary monsters, I can’t tell. Courses of dinner are cooking and I am salivating waiting for them. I am writing this from a quiet corner, a momentary escape from the cacophony of boisterous lesser kinstrife, and it’s hard to concentrate on what the Heirophant is here to say today.

So I asked the Tarot for help; shuffling and drawing three cards, I ask:

Why is he here? Ten of Wands! Too much information! Too many conversations. Too. Much. NOISE! He’s here, to help me deal with the flooding the senses, which are threatening to give me a migraine.

What would he be thinking: Seven of Coins; patience in the face of temptation and expediency. The Hierophant sits above his circle of Cardinals, listening to their conversations and hearing their petitions. He bides his time and marshals his strengths for when the time is right.

What would he do (or tell me to do) next: Justice! He knows that he will be called upon to settle questions of canon. The conclave will eventually turn to him in seeking his wisdom in resolving debate; his will be the tie-breaking decision; he is the arbiter of justice. His actions will set precedence and have effects far and wide from the events at hand. The Hierophant knows all of this, and knows he must choose wisely.

I’m so going to need a drink by the end of the evening…

Tomorrow’s card: The Hermit! (and not a moment too soon! cries my inner introvert)

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