22 days of BATS 2014. Day Ten: The Heirophant and the Empress

(If you’re looking for day Nine, there isn’t one. Today’s post is day nine and ten in one post)

Typically the Emperor and Empress cards are viewed side-by-side; as counterparts and partners. But yesterday and today’s cards of the Empress and the Heirophant reminded me of a different kind of partnered-power-structure; of the monarch and the adviser. There are both historical and literary examples: Arthur and Merlin (or for my 7th Sea fans, Elaine and Derwyddon), Elizabeth and William Cecil, Baron Burghley.

When the Empress and the Heirophant are in play, ask yourself: how do these to interact? What are they objectives and relationship? If there are cards in between them, how do these two interact over those cards? Do they see eye to eye? Does one have a particular perspective or agenda regarding what the card(s) in between mean to them?

Tomorrow’s card is The Wheel of Fortune.