22 days of BATS 2014. Day Twelve: Temperence

Temperance is  about mixology, balancing and alchemy. About blending strengths and creating hybrids from disparate elements and forces. But today as I sit at my workdesk and very very grateful that today is Friday, I think about a different kind of balance: work versus life. The standard 40-hour work week was the result of a long and hard-fought battle between workers and owners and I could write for days about the labor movement, I won’t today. Needless to say, Temperance comes into play to remind us to see a creative mix and balance in the elemental forces. Look at the elemental forces of the cards around Temperance. Are they balanced? Is there a over-representation or dearth of a particular element? Temperance shows us what is and out of balance and where, perhaps, we should be seeking redress.

Tomorrow’s card is The Chariot!