22days to Readers Studio: Day 14, The Moon

Ah, la Lune! De maan… ang buwan… der Mond… Today’s card is The Moon!

We see the moon by light reflected from the Sun. By the light of the Moon we can see at night (most nights, that is), but it is subtle, indirect and often misleading. The Moon also has its cycles and those cycles influence all life on Earth.

Innowen and I both had to put our heads together on The Moon as neither of us were on the ball today writing about it. With her help, I decided to plumb the depths of the subtleness of The Moon; this is a card for dreamers and visionaries. So what is the lesson of The Moon today? “Go ahead and dream it.” Listen to the unconscious mind and daydream the possibilities. Shamanism is the art of touching the great subconsciousness and bringing that wisdom back into the real world. Listening to The Moon means to create room for the most esoteric moments of intuition: when the unusual and otherwise impossible combine in the space of the imagination are allowed to conflagrate, combine and comingle.

Today started as a bit of a lump. I had a difficult time getting out of bed and getting going. Until this afternoon, it was a day of going through the routine motions of commute, work, lunch then more work and home. But tonight? Tonight is time to tap the esoteric wisdom of The Moon and listen to her subtle subconscious wisdom.

Tomorrow’s card: Judgment!