22days to Readers Studio: Day 2, The Lovers

Day 2’s card is The Lovers. This is my wonderful wife’s birth card and one of the Major Arcana she personally has a strong connection to.

This card reminds me I am not alone in this journey. I have an awesome partner who will be there by my side and whom will share the burdens and the joys of a week-long trip t New York with me. Heck, it’s because of my lovely significant other that I got more involved in Tarot, Tarot Media Company and Reader’s Studio in the first place! The Lovers also remind me that she’ll need my support and patience and time as much as I will need hers. We’re a partnership, not merely a ‘together-ment’ (as she would joke). We’re a team and The Lovers card is here to remind me that.

So as we prepare for Readers Studio 2012, the Lovers also say it’s time to touch bases (Hey! HEY! This is a family friendly blog here, so get yer minds out of the gutters!) Time to see if we’re on the same track, got the same game plan and divvy up the things that have to be done. Plenty of time left to nip problems in the bud before they become real problems.

Hopefully yesterdays’ Hanged Man long view of what needs to be done has inspired some things to discuss and work out. This will be the time to hash them out and deal with them.

Tomorrow’s card: The Magician! One of MY birth cards!