I’ve been struggling lately with what exactly to do with this blog here. I feel like I’ve hit a plateau in my knowledge and use of Tarot, and at the moment I don’t see a next level to strive for.

I’m fully aware that there are higher levels of use and understanding to Tarot. But to appropriate and apply a ‘spoony’ meme: I don’t have the cards to begin to explore them, let alone decide what direction to go in right now. Lots of things going, and making time for pursuing metaphysics is low on my priority list.

I still have my Explorer’s Society Destiny Spreads projects to work on. The next chapter crosses over into Rune magic, and that’s a new paradigm for me. Again, this just needs time to delve into. I have concerns about cultural appropriation that I need to work out to continue. That alone is worth a post about. Okay, there’s something I can blog about 😉

As a creative person in general, i depend on feedback and external motivation. My Little White Book post from a month ago was inspired by a friend who’s exploring Tarot for the first time. I have problems with justifying doing things just for myself.

For now, I’ll just have to stick to Card Of The Day tweets. Please follow at