The Revised Lovers Spread

The following spread was inspired by Barbara Moore’s class on creating tarot spreads at Reader’s Studio 2011.

RoseRed and I decided to pick a card at random and base a spread on it, and my pure luck (or was it luck?) we drew The Lovers.

Looking at the Lovers card from the Rider Waite Smith deck, we chose card locations and meaning based on major features of the card


The RWS Lovers

What we chose as significant elements were the male and female figures, the trees behind the figures, the angel above, and the obstacle (mountain) between the figures. We also discussed how to divide up the deck for specific drawing for specific locations.

When performing this spread, divide the deck into Majors, Courts and minors.

Cards 1 & 6 are from the Majors-only stack.

Cards 2 & 3 are Court cards stack.

Cards 5 & 6 are from the Minor Arcana stack.


The revised Lovers-inspired spread

So feel free to give this a try and any suggestions are welcome!