22days to Readers Studio: Day 11, Strength

Right on the heels of yesterdays Chariot is today’s card: Strength.

Tough calls and difficult decisions are impending and I need the Strength card to deal with them. Heck, I even need the Strength card to get out of bed this morning. I’m no Heracles: I don’t have a demigod’s power and energy (as much as I wish otherwise…) and I must pick and choose where to apply my strength for the best effect. As the ancient mathematician and philosopher said (and I am paraphrasing): ‘Give me a fulcrum and a long enough lever, and I can move the heavens.

But as important as it is to know where to apply one’s Strength, it’s also important to know when. Again, with only a finite amount of energy and time, we must be careful and deliberate in where and when we apply it. This also requires faith in our strength and energy; knowing and trusting that it will be there when we seek it and we can trust it do what we need it to do.

Tomorrow’s card: The Emperor!

22days to Readers Studio: Day 10, The Chariot

Gods I hate flying. But with today comes the Chariot, making it clear there’s no other option. If I had a few weeks I could take off from work and other commitments, I might take a train ride across the continental US, or drive if I felt really bold. However the fastest and cheapest option is to fly. Gotta embrace the Chariot!

In other news, there’s only 7 days until we take flight, arriving a few days early to visit family, friends and enjoy New York sights before RS2012. That time will be gone in no time. It may be Friday and I may be looking forward to the weekend, but the Chariot reminds me that if I don’t take the reigns and kick things into high gear I won’t be ready for next week. The Chariot is here both as a warning and as an admonition: get yer butt in gear!

Tomorrow’s card: Strength. 12 days left to RS2012!

22days to Readers Studio: Day 9, The World

Today’s card is The World: the big picture. The Star may be the guiding light and provide the navigational fix for my journey and the Devil representing the gleeful fun that will yet be had, but The World represents the destination and the goal of the journey. It’s what is to come that makes the challenges and trials of the journey worth it. The vision of The World card speaks not just of the destination, or the people or the memories and swag I’ll be lugging home again. It’s the product of all the experience; more than the sum of its pieces. It’s the promised land across the vast ocean (okay, really the other side of the continent. It’s a metaphor, stick with me here).

Today’s lesson from The World is to look at the big picture. Not just the trip to come, but the time after that when I get home. Next month, which will be equally insane with events going on. The next six months after that and things that will also need to be kept in mind in the future.

Tomorrow’s card: The Chariot (“Cause I’m leee-ving, on a jet plaaaane!”)

22days to Readers Studio: Day 8, The Tower

London bridge is falling down…” London Bridge may have burned down, but it is an example to be learned form. The Tower card today warns of impending disasters and unforeseen challenges. The lesson of The Tower? Be prepared for the unexpected:

We’ll be renting a car for our week in New York. The Tower says: Make sure you get car insurance.

We’ll be away from our home for a long time. Tower warns: Clean your fridge and kitchen sink before you go.

And there are lots more possibilities…

That’s a lot of things that could go wrong. The likelihood of any one thing going horribly awry is pretty small. However the effort necessary to be prepared? Totally worth the potential nightmare of something going wrong, and that’s the lesson of the Tower on this day.

Now that the Devil’s had his due, it’s time to consider the potential consequences thanks to the Tower. Together they provide a special perspective for tomorrow’s card: The World!

22days to Readers Studio: Day 7, The Devil

Today’s’ card The Devil and that means it’s PLAY TIME! One of my favorite interpretations of The Devil is James Wanless’ Devils’ Play in his Voyager Tarot; a card about cutting loose and having fun. The lesson for today in the 22day countdown to Readers Studio 2012 is to not forget about the fun factor. Yes, I’ll be working at Reader’s Studio; Yes they will be a lot to learn and things to pay attention to, but The Devil is here to remind us that there’s fun to be had as well.

I’ll be spending the weekend with some of the most enlightened and entertaining people in their field of Tarot and metaphysics. Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone always put on a great show. James Wanless, Shawn Nacol and James Wells will be speaking this year. Tarot Media Company will have some great product to share. Rose and I will be rooming with our amazing friend, Innowen, which means we’ll be up all night talking like teenage best friends on a sleepover.

With the Star to guide me from yesterday, it’s safe to let the Devil out when planning and preparing for RS2012. 15 days to go!

Tomorrow’s card: The Tower

22days to Readers Studio: Day 6, The Star

Today’s card in the 22day countdown is The Star.

It took me a long time to get a feel for The Star. It’s a subtle and sublime card, appropriate for the perspicacious lesson of this card. It’s almost tautological; once you understand the lesson of The Star, you ‘get’ the meaning of The Star.

6 days in, and 16 to go; far enough in to lose sight of where we started, and nowhere near enough to the destination to see it clearly: this is when we can easily get off track. How can I stay on path? The Star. While minute compared to the sun, and dim compared to the Moon, the Star is stable and constant. It’s guiding light and constant presence can be seen in the darkest of nights when other resources are unavailable. The lesson of The Star is to find a reliable long-term guiding light for this journey. Today is the day to define The Star that I will navigate by for the next three weeks as I not only travel to New York, but also survive Readers Studio and get back home again.

Tomorrow’s card: The Devil!

22days to Readers Studio: Day 5, Justice

Today’s card in the 22day countdown to Reader’s Studio 2012 is Justice.

I often think of the word judicious when the Justice card comes up in readings; the root word being Just: to be guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness; and that’s the kind of wisdom that’s called for today. Justice means making difficult decisions, but also knowing you have the full authority to make those decisions.

The key is having the right information to make those decisions on. You can’t make good decisions on bad or limited information. Hopefully having dealt with The Magician I’ve gained insight and defined things clearly for myself. Having walked with Death, I’ve let go and moved on from the emotional baggage that holds me back from becoming who and what I am to be next. This is the time for Judgment: with clarity and no distractions, it’s time to face facts and make the difficult decisions.

Tomorrow’s card: The Star

22days to Readers Studio: Day 4, Death

Death: the final frontier (Sorry, Mr. Roddenberry).

In the run up to Readers Studio 2012, the Death card tells me it’s time to let go of those things I cannot change and those things holding me back. I’ll be spending 9 days away from home; away from my little bolt-hole of a personal refuge. I’ll be separated from my book collections and my Xbox (any my current addiction: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer). I will be staying with family and in hotels. I will be driving around New York and New Jersey. While I love my extended family and it will be good to see them again, they’re family and at best I will feel like an intruder into their home and daily lives. I will have difficulty finding sanctuary to run to when my Introvert meter tops out. The introvert in me is not happy with this impending predicament.

Along comes Death. “Hey,” Says Death, tapping me on the shoulder. “That fear and uncertainty you got there? It’s time to let that go. They’ll only hold you back. This journey is for the new you: the one without useless fear and doubt. It’s time to grow up, step up and move forward. I am the gateway and the ferryman for your personal evolution.

Thanks Death. Thanks for taking my fears away. Thanks for showing me that I must embrace change if I am to grow. I need to let go of the things that are holding me back: the emotional baggage of doubt and uncertainty. They are unworthy of my self-to-be. I won’t have room to bring back anything worthwhile if they come with me on this journey. Besides, they won’t fit in the overhead compartments anyway.

But let me get in just one more ME3 multiplayer marathon this weekend, just to get it out of my system first. 😉

Tomorrow’s card: Justice

22days to Readers Studio: Day 3, The Magician

Day 3’s card is The Magician. One of my birth cards! The maker, the artisan, the Demiurge! In my mind the Magician is the Fool who has discovered his power.

The Magician is here to remind me that this is the time to exert my power to define my reality and what its elements mean to me, just as the Magician defines what the minor arcana are. In this case, as I prep for my trip to New York and Readers Studio 2012, I can know ahead of time what is important to me, what my priorities and my limitations are. Today I look at how I will define success in terms of the minor arcana: relationships, learning, influence and worldliness.

‘Cause you have to have goals and knowing when you reach them is just as important as having them. The Magician carries the warning of obsession, self-delusion and setting one’s self up for disappointment. Use his power wisely and heed the opportunities he provides. There’s a reason he’s number one in the Major Arcana.

The Lovers was a time to pool resources and make certain we’re a team and on track. The Magician is my time to shine and exceed and excel in those goals that are mine to achieve. What’s good enough for me? When will I know when I have found fulfillment? The Magician is the key to defining those answers in my own terms.

Time to shout: “I have the power!” (Insert maniacal laughter here) and kick in the He-Man intro music.

Tomorrow’s card: DEATH! (dun, dun, DUN!)

22days to Readers Studio: Day 2, The Lovers

Day 2’s card is The Lovers. This is my wonderful wife’s birth card and one of the Major Arcana she personally has a strong connection to.

This card reminds me I am not alone in this journey. I have an awesome partner who will be there by my side and whom will share the burdens and the joys of a week-long trip t New York with me. Heck, it’s because of my lovely significant other that I got more involved in Tarot, Tarot Media Company and Reader’s Studio in the first place! The Lovers also remind me that she’ll need my support and patience and time as much as I will need hers. We’re a partnership, not merely a ‘together-ment’ (as she would joke). We’re a team and The Lovers card is here to remind me that.

So as we prepare for Readers Studio 2012, the Lovers also say it’s time to touch bases (Hey! HEY! This is a family friendly blog here, so get yer minds out of the gutters!) Time to see if we’re on the same track, got the same game plan and divvy up the things that have to be done. Plenty of time left to nip problems in the bud before they become real problems.

Hopefully yesterdays’ Hanged Man long view of what needs to be done has inspired some things to discuss and work out. This will be the time to hash them out and deal with them.

Tomorrow’s card: The Magician! One of MY birth cards!