22 days of BATS 2014. Day Three: The Tower

Three days in the BATS2014 run up, and I draw The Tower. Well, it’s better to face your obstacles early (what was that about endurance?).

Actually, today I have a bit different take on The Tower, which is usually connotative of unexpected disaster, eventual fall, etc. The construction of a tower is a delicate and deliberate thing, culminating with the last brick that seals the deal. Until then your tower is incomplete and unfinished. In an archway, the Keystone is the last piece to put in place, yet the entire structure is built to depend on it; both sides are built arcing towards a point in space they will meet and from that point on support each other.

Consider then, the Tower as the potential outcome of a project or process that will depend on a keystone to complete it. Identify ultimately what is the essential feature that will complete and make your efforts successful. You may spend years writing a book, building a bridge, designing a program, only to realize at the end it doesn’t do what you set out to accomplish. So when the Tower comes into a reading, maybe consider it a warning: Don’t loose sight of the ultimate function and purpose of your actions, and validate early and often that you’re still going to get what you want from the end result.

Tomorrow’s card is Judgement.