22 days of BATS 2014. Day Two: Strength

Day two of the run up to BATS2014 brings us the Strength card.

The word ‘Strength’ is mostly used for ‘might’ or ‘power’ or ‘ability,’ but I think we can put another spin on it; strength as endurance.

We often read or see or hear the phrase “I don’t have the strength to go on” as if it were a finite source that depletes with use; and it certainly seems true. When we’re exhausted, we can’t do what was easy when we started out. Be it running, weightlifting, talking or even writing; The limbs shake, the gait becomes unsteady, we stumble over words and our give-a-damn is busted. But take a breather, center yourself, and you start again.

So what happens when we expand our understanding of the Strength card to not just mean ‘be strong‘ but to also mean ‘stay strong‘? Consider not just ‘can I do this thing’ but ‘can I go the distance?’ Consider what pacing is necessary to complete any task without succumbing to exhaustion (e.g. physical, mental, emotional, social). Consider the cards that are in association with the Strength card when it comes out in a reading: are they obstacles to your run? Are they resources to take advantage of to extend your energy and range?

Sure you may be good enough to do something once, but do you have the Strength to do it again and again? At will? As often as it takes? Skill comes from practice and practice is a exercise in endurance.

Tune in tomorrow for THE TOWER! (queue thunder and lightning and other sonos ominosus)