22days to Readers Studio: Day 10, The Chariot

Gods I hate flying. But with today comes the Chariot, making it clear there’s no other option. If I had a few weeks I could take off from work and other commitments, I might take a train ride across the continental US, or drive if I felt really bold. However the fastest and cheapest option is to fly. Gotta embrace the Chariot!

In other news, there’s only 7 days until we take flight, arriving a few days early to visit family, friends and enjoy New York sights before RS2012. That time will be gone in no time. It may be Friday and I may be looking forward to the weekend, but the Chariot reminds me that if I don’t take the reigns and kick things into high gear I won’t be ready for next week. The Chariot is here both as a warning and as an admonition: get yer butt in gear!

Tomorrow’s card: Strength. 12 days left to RS2012!