22days to Readers Studio: Day 9, The World

Today’s card is The World: the big picture. The Star may be the guiding light and provide the navigational fix for my journey and the Devil representing the gleeful fun that will yet be had, but The World represents the destination and the goal of the journey. It’s what is to come that makes the challenges and trials of the journey worth it. The vision of The World card speaks not just of the destination, or the people or the memories and swag I’ll be lugging home again. It’s the product of all the experience; more than the sum of its pieces. It’s the promised land across the vast ocean (okay, really the other side of the continent. It’s a metaphor, stick with me here).

Today’s lesson from The World is to look at the big picture. Not just the trip to come, but the time after that when I get home. Next month, which will be equally insane with events going on. The next six months after that and things that will also need to be kept in mind in the future.

Tomorrow’s card: The Chariot (“Cause I’m leee-ving, on a jet plaaaane!”)