22days to Readers Studio, day 20: The Hermit

Today’s card is The Hermit. And it couldn’t come at a better time.

As a mostly introverted person putting time aside for recuperating from social events is a must. It’s not that I’m antisocial, it’s that social situations take more energy out of me than they put in; they’re exhausting physically, mentally and socially. So I need a timeout now and then. I didn’t exactly get one today, and the Hermit is here to remind me the price of overextending myself.

We went to Manhattan today. Enough said, right? Busiest, noisiest, most crowded place in the western world. Not the most restive of places for an already-overextended Introvert… Still, we got to see some awesome places, did a bit of shopping, overate at a nifty diner where the staff sing modern showtunes while they serve you. (Seriously, our dessert was accompanied by a duet-rendition from Wicked.) And then home again.

Where I promptly crashed into a nap until past dinnertime and apparently missing out on some awesome Portuguese restaurant dining and family time. The Hermit today reminded me -the hard way- to respect my need to sleep. You see, for me, The Hermit also moonlights as Mister Sandman. As a dreamer, sleep is my refuge; dreamtime my sanctuary. “Miss an regular check-in at your own peril, buddy,” says The Hermit. Ignore and avoid those subconscious needs and the universe will take it’s cue and resolve things in it’s own manner.

Right then. Time for some Advil PM and off to dreamland to right the imbalance.

Tomorrow’s card is the Wheel of Fortune.

2 days to Reader’s Studio 2012!

2 thoughts on “22days to Readers Studio, day 20: The Hermit”

  1. It seems I’ve just come out of a Hermit year. In ways I can see that. I’ve drawn away from most of my social contcenions, preferring solitude. It has been a time of hardship and worry and exploration. The year I come into is the Wheel of Fortune…In my deck it is called the Sun Wheel (Faery Wicca Tarot). I hope that this truly portends a fortuitous year.

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