22days to Readers Studio: Day 4, Death

Death: the final frontier (Sorry, Mr. Roddenberry).

In the run up to Readers Studio 2012, the Death card tells me it’s time to let go of those things I cannot change and those things holding me back. I’ll be spending 9 days away from home; away from my little bolt-hole of a personal refuge. I’ll be separated from my book collections and my Xbox (any my current addiction: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer). I will be staying with family and in hotels. I will be driving around New York and New Jersey. While I love my extended family and it will be good to see them again, they’re family and at best I will feel like an intruder into their home and daily lives. I will have difficulty finding sanctuary to run to when my Introvert meter tops out. The introvert in me is not happy with this impending predicament.

Along comes Death. “Hey,” Says Death, tapping me on the shoulder. “That fear and uncertainty you got there? It’s time to let that go. They’ll only hold you back. This journey is for the new you: the one without useless fear and doubt. It’s time to grow up, step up and move forward. I am the gateway and the ferryman for your personal evolution.

Thanks Death. Thanks for taking my fears away. Thanks for showing me that I must embrace change if I am to grow. I need to let go of the things that are holding me back: the emotional baggage of doubt and uncertainty. They are unworthy of my self-to-be. I won’t have room to bring back anything worthwhile if they come with me on this journey. Besides, they won’t fit in the overhead compartments anyway.

But let me get in just one more ME3 multiplayer marathon this weekend, just to get it out of my system first. 😉

Tomorrow’s card: Justice