22days to Readers Studio: Day 5, Justice

Today’s card in the 22day countdown to Reader’s Studio 2012 is Justice.

I often think of the word judicious when the Justice card comes up in readings; the root word being Just: to be guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness; and that’s the kind of wisdom that’s called for today. Justice means making difficult decisions, but also knowing you have the full authority to make those decisions.

The key is having the right information to make those decisions on. You can’t make good decisions on bad or limited information. Hopefully having dealt with The Magician I’ve gained insight and defined things clearly for myself. Having walked with Death, I’ve let go and moved on from the emotional baggage that holds me back from becoming who and what I am to be next. This is the time for Judgment: with clarity and no distractions, it’s time to face facts and make the difficult decisions.

Tomorrow’s card: The Star