22days to Readers Studio, day 21: The Wheel of Fortune

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The trouble with family is you often get stuck with the group consensus, which today meant a long drive out to “a nice town on the Delaware river” to go antiquing and tourist-trapping. Stuck with it we were, and stick with it we did.

With the Wheel of Fortune in mind, I said: “heck with it, lets go and see what we see.” In the leather shop I got a new coin wallet (I’ve been looking for a new one for a while now),  in another I found a pair of shoes that’ll go great with the rest of my nice clothes for the Readers’ Studio dress up evening, and in another we acquired some… more personal items for fun later 😉 We also got ice-cream, and chocolate-covered bacon strips, and overall had a nice walk and a pleasant day.

Sometimes you have to roll where the wind blows you, and take a chance on what you’ll find. “That’s how I roll,” says the Wheel of Fortune.

Tomorrow’s card is: The High Priestess (ain’t that appropriate!?), plus it’s the LAST DAY BEFORE RS2012!


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