22days to Readers Studio: Day 6, The Star

Today’s card in the 22day countdown is The Star.

It took me a long time to get a feel for The Star. It’s a subtle and sublime card, appropriate for the perspicacious lesson of this card. It’s almost tautological; once you understand the lesson of The Star, you ‘get’ the meaning of The Star.

6 days in, and 16 to go; far enough in to lose sight of where we started, and nowhere near enough to the destination to see it clearly: this is when we can easily get off track. How can I stay on path? The Star. While minute compared to the sun, and dim compared to the Moon, the Star is stable and constant. It’s guiding light and constant presence can be seen in the darkest of nights when other resources are unavailable. The lesson of The Star is to find a reliable long-term guiding light for this journey. Today is the day to define The Star that I will navigate by for the next three weeks as I not only travel to New York, but also survive Readers Studio and get back home again.

Tomorrow’s card: The Devil!