22days to Readers Studio: Day 7, The Devil

Today’s’ card The Devil and that means it’s PLAY TIME! One of my favorite interpretations of The Devil is James Wanless’ Devils’ Play in his Voyager Tarot; a card about cutting loose and having fun. The lesson for today in the 22day countdown to Readers Studio 2012 is to not forget about the fun factor. Yes, I’ll be working at Reader’s Studio; Yes they will be a lot to learn and things to pay attention to, but The Devil is here to remind us that there’s fun to be had as well.

I’ll be spending the weekend with some of the most enlightened and entertaining people in their field of Tarot and metaphysics. Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone always put on a great show. James Wanless, Shawn Nacol and James Wells will be speaking this year. Tarot Media Company will have some great product to share. Rose and I will be rooming with our amazing friend, Innowen, which means we’ll be up all night talking like teenage best friends on a sleepover.

With the Star to guide me from yesterday, it’s safe to let the Devil out when planning and preparing for RS2012. 15 days to go!

Tomorrow’s card: The Tower