22days to Readers Studio: Day 8, The Tower

London bridge is falling down…” London Bridge may have burned down, but it is an example to be learned form. The Tower card today warns of impending disasters and unforeseen challenges. The lesson of The Tower? Be prepared for the unexpected:

We’ll be renting a car for our week in New York. The Tower says: Make sure you get car insurance.

We’ll be away from our home for a long time. Tower warns: Clean your fridge and kitchen sink before you go.

And there are lots more possibilities…

That’s a lot of things that could go wrong. The likelihood of any one thing going horribly awry is pretty small. However the effort necessary to be prepared? Totally worth the potential nightmare of something going wrong, and that’s the lesson of the Tower on this day.

Now that the Devil’s had his due, it’s time to consider the potential consequences thanks to the Tower. Together they provide a special perspective for tomorrow’s card: The World!